Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bound in Mythology

Personal Work
Artemis in the style of my mythology with bondage theme. The idea was for her to be vengeance for those without the means to do it themselves. For those who were subjected to assault and had no way out of it, save to pray at the temple of Artemis. There they would find a plume of saffron to lay in their assaulter’s chambers and mark them for Artemis to exact justice. . . and that she did.
The Rapture of Ganymede
Personal Work If you don’t know the tale of Ganymede and Zeus, feel free to Wiki it up, but for a nutshell version: Zeus, as an eagle, abducted Ganymede, a beautiful shepherd boy, to be the cup-bearer for the gods. Zeus granted him youth and immortality and all the gods were pleased to have him, except that of Hera, Zeus’ wife, who feared Ganymede as a rival for Zeus’ affection. To please her, Zeus placed Ganymede in the stars as the constellation, Aquarius. The End. 

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